A small bracelet that closes big distances

Bond Touch comes in pairs. You keep one, and you give one to your dearest. When you touch it, they feel it. No matter where they are on the planet.



Available in Canada, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, US, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Romania, Sweden, Serbia, Australia and New Zealand.


Remind by email

Stay in touch

Bond Touch sends your touches to your loved ones no matter where they are on the planet.

The bracelet transfers touches in gentle vibrations that mimic your loved one's touch. The genuine leather band is adjustable to all sizes and can be used in one or multiple loops. You can even swap the default band with any other bracelet like silk ribbons or beads to create your own style, a unique symbol of your love. 

How it works

Bond Touch bracelet comes in pairs. The bracelets are linked to each other via the Bond Touch app. Once you pair your bracelet with your smartphone via bluetooth, your touches are transferred over cellular data or Wifi.

Bond Touch
  • Touch Sensor

    Everytime they touch it, you feel a little buzz around your wrist
  • Leather Wristband

    All bracelets come with a genuine leather band
  • DIY

    Design your own wristband and add a personal touch to the bracelet
Bond Touch
  • Stunning App

    The brain of BOND
  • Bluetooth LE

    Allows your bracelets to keep in touch with each other through smartphones.
  • Rechargeable Battery

What's in the box

2  Bond Touch bracelet modules

2  genuine leather bands

6  bracelet closure studs

1  leather punch

2  bracelet chargers

Bond Touch comes with authentic leather bands that you can adjust for any wrist and taste. You can also create your own styles and designs - let your imagination run free!

Shipping late October 2017


The app

The Bond Touch App will be available for iOS and Android. Inside the app you can view your touch conversation history with your partner and replay touches. More updates coming!

Add your personal touch

We understand that every love story is unique. That's why we made Bond Touch very flexible for your personal style.

Swap the leather bracelet with any bracelet of similar width. It could be beaded, braided or just a simple ribbon.

You can design a special band for your beloved one and add it to the box before giving it to them!

Feeling the love

I'd like to give one to my girlfriend for her birthday or our two year anniversary.

I would love to get my hand on a pair. One for me and one for my long-lost best friend. She lives far away from me and this would be so cool, to let her feel my touch and me feel hers.

I am currently living across the country from a loved one and we've been apart for 2 years. I would really enjoy this bracelet and think it would help us bond despite hectic schedules.


I'm in this really weird and complicated relationship with a girl in my hometown. It's Romeo-and-Juliet - like as her parents hate me and forbid her from seeing me. She told me about BOND bracelet and how it would bring happiness to our lives if we could bond with each other even though we can't see each other.

Meet the Bond Touch team

Christoph Dressel


Rogério Rocha


Victoria Ivanova

Marketing Lead

Dania Afonso

Design Lead


Tech Lead

Joana Coelho

Visual Designer

Wayne Lin

Head of Production

Javier Rosales

Product Designer

Robin Zwama

Product designer

This is Bond Touch

A bracelet that lets you send your touch to your loved ones across distances.

Shipping late October 2017