About BOND Touch

BOND Touch comes in pairs. Both you and your beloved one should install BOND Touch app on your smartphones (when we release the app). BOND connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, while a smartphone is connected to the Internet. You touch the bracelet and the other person feels it.

Yes. You need to install a BOND Touch app on your smartphone for the bracelet to function properly. BOND Touch app is available for iOS and Android.

The first 1000 bracelets go off at a discounted price of $88 a pair. Shipping is included, so you will only have to pay tax on top. 

We don’t have any BOND Touch bracelets available. Please arm yourselves with patience and give us some time to produce the first batch and ship it to you.

About presales

You preorder the bracelets now, and we deliver them later (around summer 2017). Please note that we need to have a minimum of 1000 preorders. Mind that we will charge your credit card only when we reach 1000 preorders.

The success of the BOND Touch project largely depends on the participation of the BOND Touch community. By preordering the bracelets now, you give us enough time and resources to produce a really high-quality product. 

When we have 1000 preorders, we’ll still have to do some prototyping, sourcing and testing. Followed by production, of course. By our rough estimate, we will produce them by summer 2017. After we ship the first 1000, we will make them become available for a regular purchase.

For preorders we ship only to the US. But as soon as we start regular sales, we will be shipping worldwide.

First of all, don’t get upset! We’re running pre-sales in the US only to make it as simple as possible to ship the bracelets when they are ready and finally test them with the first users. As soon as we’re done with that - we will produce more bracelets and will be shipping worldwide.

For now - please add your name to the waiting list. The higher you are on the list - the sooner you will have an opportunity to order the bracelet in the future. Thank you for your understanding!

Hopefully that won't happen. But if it does - most probably we will be hopelessly depressed for several months after. We will return your money back and be depressed some more.

You can sit back and relax for the next couple of months :) Meanwhile, we will be documenting and sharing our progress with you along the way. We will also be asking you for an advice from time to time. We've set up various channels to talk to you - via email, blog, and social networks. We want to ask you things, share the moments of success and failure (hope not) and simply feel your support.

We will either replace the item or refund the costs. Please read our Return and Refund policy to get more information.

About the company behind BOND Touch

We are Impossible, a global technology and innovation company with a focus on social impact. We run a couple of in-house projects and BOND Touch is one of them. 

Apart from the projects for our clients and BOND Touch, we are also working on LokLok and Nikabot. LokLok is an app for Android, which allows you to draw and leave messages on your friend's screen remotely. Nikabot is a productivity/project management chatbot for Slack.

If you can't find the answer to your question, please write us at info[@]bond-touch.com