Silicone Bracelets with Clasps

Silicone Bracelets with Clasps

A lot of you have been asking us to give some tips and ideas on how you could play around with the DIY aspect of Bond Touch. The default black lather band can be removed and replaced with any other band of the fitting size. You can create different straps to match different outfits, or even make a personal Bond Touch band for your beloved one! We are currently experimenting with different bracelets that are quite easy to make, and will be sharing our best designs with you on our blog.  

We decided to start off with these easy to make silicon bracelets with clasps.


The silicon bracelets are some of us Bond Touch crews’ favorite - they've got a super simple and sleek style, are very low budgeted and there's a great variety of colors to choose from. Best of all - they are extremely easy to make!

Here is what you'll need: 

Time: < 5 min


  • 1x Silicon bracelet $0.6 ($7.65 for 12)  Link
  • 1x Clasp $1.71 ($8.35 for 5) Link
  • 1x Super glue

Total cost: $2.31

    Step 1: Cut the bracelet.

    Cut the silicon bracelet

    Cut your bracelet anywhere you’d like. If you have a smaller wrist or want a tighter fit, fit it around your wrist and cut some more out. Shape the ends to your liking (you can round them, for example, or just keep them square as we did).

    Step 2: Trim the ends

    Without trimming the ends, it is difficult to fit the silicon into the clasp. So cut just a little bit of the side of the bracelet off so that it goes into the clasp.

    Trim the edges of the silicon band

    Step 3: Slide your Bond Touch module in

    Make sure you slide your Bond Touch module into the Silicon before putting on both of the clasps - once they’re both in place, the module won’t fit through!

    Step 4: Apply super glue

    Apply the super glue on the trimmed ends - then stuck it into the clasps. Put one clasp on each end.

    Bond Touch silicon bracelet

    And you’re done! You have a simple style, easy on-and-off bracelet. Customize it any way to fit your style - single color, neon, swirls, glow-in-the-dark bracelets - and brass, copper, or your choice of closure clasps!

    If you decide to make one, share the photos with us - we are learning with you, and it would be great to exchange results. 

    Comments (13)

    Ashton says:

    Why no shipping to America? I have a best friend moving far away in less than a week, and I want to give her this as soon as I can!

    Aug 16, 2018

    Lulu says:

    This looks great but once you superglue the clasps, you have to destroy the bracelet if you want to change it out (since the Bond Touch sensor cannot slide over the clasp)? Nice concept but seems impractical and wasteful if you want to change to different bracelets on a regular basis.

    Aug 10, 2018

    Leo says:

    is it water proof ?

    Aug 01, 2018

    Maggie says:

    Do you ship to USA?

    Jul 30, 2018

    Izzy says:

    Do your ship to Ireland ?
    And do you need a phone to work this watch ? My friend has no phone

    Jul 29, 2018

    Andrea says:

    Is it waterproof?
    Does the app need to be open for the bond touch to work?
    If I order it to Mexico, could there be any possibility for it to arrive before september?

    Jul 26, 2018

    LilMommaQueen says:

    Logan, is there some other type of glue that would work? I love the idea. Thank you!

    Jul 21, 2018

    Natalee says:

    Water proof ?

    Jul 20, 2018

    Logan says:

    That won’t hold though. It’s silicone. Superglue won’t stick and will peel off as soon as it dries…

    Jul 01, 2018

    Alec says:

    How long would it take to ship to Sweden if i ordered it right now?

    Jun 30, 2018

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