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#Bondstory: Holiday Moments

#Bondstory: Holiday Moments

A warm and grimy summer breeze lifts her hair ever so slightly when we say our goodbyes, after almost two weeks in the sunny and restful Spanish paradise, it is time for me to head back home. The holidays are over. Friends promise to stay in touch – but we all know how that promise usually goes. Laughingly we say the usual “that won’t be us”-phrase as we exchange contact information and take the last pictures with the holiday group.

Once home we chat on Facebook for the first couple of weeks. We Skype, we call, we truly stay in touch. Weeks, months pass and yet … that one Swiss girl is still contacting me. Excitingly enough, we decide to meet up once more, this time in Bern Switzerland – a small reunion planned for February 2012.

Surprised, excited and a bit nervous we meet and continue as if nothing has changed. The energetic, joyful and enthusiastic attitude towards one another brings back the refreshing, positive feeling people experience while on holiday. As all chapters’ end, unfortunately, I once again must leave. Smiling sadly in the passenger seat, I make my way back to the Netherlands. Time will tell how realistic the long-distance-friendship of teenagers will be …

Four years pass without seeing each other.  Surely we texted, we stayed in touch, but it all fades – from daily, to weekly, to sometimes only a couple of texts per month. Yet we always manage to throw just enough wood on the fire of our friendship, just to make sure the flame never dies.

I still remember May 11th 2016, the day we met after far too long. She, leaning against the brick wall near the train station, wearing her orange coat, blue jeans and white sneakers. So simple, yet so … wauw. I was immediately enchanted by her appearance, after a tongue-tied “Hey, nice to see you again!” we spent the day talking for hours on end. It felt amazing to be with her again, I loved hearing her voice, seeing her beautiful face …. I loved being with her. Something had to be done with this joyful feeling.

After a couple of rollercoaster-like months, our seed has grown into a beautiful flower, more precious than anything in the world. We happily decided to cherish this flower and give a long-distance relationship a chance. Never could have I dreamed to have someone as special as her in my life, to desire someone’s touch as much as I desire hers. She completes me and although we are apart, she is always in my heart.

As if the current distance is not difficult enough to deal with, she’s going to study in New York. A huge opportunity. I wish I could let her know that’s she constantly on my mind, that I miss her and most importantly that I love her.