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#Bondstories: Why Stay On Earth?

#Bondstories: Why Stay On Earth?
After the breakup of my first engagement, I always tried to fill the nothingness left by my ex-girlfriend. I've tried everything, so to speak: dull kisses, quickie in scuzzy places, I even tried to convince myself to fall in love with someone else. But I could never get her out of my mind.

Currently I'm on Erasmus in Bucharest, Romania. "I'm here to study and that's it", I always repeated to myself. Then I met Her. Yeah, "Her" with the capital H. Vali is Her name, the Girl that can make me forget what my name is. It's a bit like that, you know, when you fall in love, you're somewhere else, with your head in the clouds.

Coming back down to earth, She will leave for Strasbourg in May and I will go back to Italy in July. I don't know what will happen, just try to imagine it. I always build it up so much in my head it can't possibly live up to my expectations, and I just end up disappointed. I don't know if this unexpected love will continue, if we will meet again or even if we will hug each other again in front of a sunset.

All I can say is that she has created a deeper nothingness in me. And by experience, I can say that only she can fill it. I hope she will.

Now I go back with my head in the clouds... why stay down to earth when you can fly?