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#Bondstories: Volunteering The Heart

#Bondstories: Volunteering The Heart
In September 2015, I boarded the plane in Munich, Germany, to start my adventure as a volunteer in Ponta Grossa, a city in the south of Brazil.
On this day I would have never imagined that I would return one year later so madly in love that it hurts so much to lay in my bed alone, wanting to feel him next to me.
I started my year in Brazil with lots of difficulties, but the day I met him, half a year had already passed and it just started getting better. We were so perfect for each other, that our colleagues (we worked at the same place) kept saying from the first day on, that we would eventually start dating. And it happened.
One and a half months later, we started dating, and since then, our love has only grown. The day I had to go back to Germany, was one of the worst days of my life. The moment I landed in Germany, I wanted to board a plane to go back. 
Now, we have been together for more than one year. Bond Touch would make our lives so much easier, it would connect us a lot more when we are apart. Skype is great, but a touch from your loved one is just so much better.