#Bondstories: Scottish Dragons

#Bondstories: Scottish Dragons

Aidan and I have been the best of friends for years. We've confided our fears, shared our failures, and seen each other at our lowest and worst. We could talk for hours about absolutely nothing. We call each other Dragon and Kiba, and are an unopposed duo in anything we do together. There's only one problem. He lives in Scotland, and I live in the United States.

Aidan and I met online one summer over a game. I engaged him in conversation because his username was a book reference to a series I was currently reading. We really clicked, and our friendship took off from there. Our nicknames, Dragon (Aidan) and Kiba (Me), even stem from fragments of our usernames.

In the beginning, it was all words, but after several months, we decided to Skype each other for the very first time. The shock of seeing Aidan's face for the first time is an irreplaceable memory to me. The way his eyes widened, and his jaw fell to the floor is a treasured memory. Tears were shed that day, and not just by me.

But not everything can be conveyed by words. Skype can be tiny and grainy at best, and sometimes we let silence rule a conversation because we just need each other. Since Scotland is six hours ahead, Aidan oftentimes cannot Skype late at night, and I am largely unable to pull my phone out during the day. This leaves a hole in our hearts and our heads with unshared burdens.

Aidan plans to visit the US next year, but that could never be soon enough for me. Bond could bring us together in a way that was previously unattainable.