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#Bondstories: School Sweethearts

#Bondstories: School Sweethearts

Darion and I are high school sweethearts going on 8 years together. My freshman year of high school my neighbor, Alex, invited me to help host a children's Christmas party for his little siblings at his house. Darion was new to Colorado and Alex had quickly become Darion's best friend, so he too was helping with the party. When I rang the doorbell that day I had no idea my soul mate would open the door. It was love at first sight.

Going to that Christmas party I expected to be helping little kids enjoy their holiday activities and instead ended up meeting the love of my life. Before that day, I didn’t even believe in soul mates. Every cute boy I met was a possible crush and the idea of settling down with one boy was well into the distant future. I was young and had my whole life ahead of me. I definitely wasn’t thinking about who I would be spending the rest of my life with yet.

But the second you opened that door and looked at me with those bright blue eyes, everything changed. Every cute boy I had a crush on at the time instantly vanished the second I saw you. I forgot about everyone and everything else in my life. I knew in that instant that I had to be with you.

Helping with the baking, I stole a glance at you every chance I got. I couldn't take my eyes off you. Even being the shy girl that I was, I knew I had to do something to show you how I felt. I never imagined when I went in to kiss your cheek that you would turn and give me the kiss that would turn my whole world inside out. I felt like you and I were floating on a cloud.

I left that party completely dazed. It felt too good to be true. Most guys looked right through me at that age, but not you. I wondered when I would get to see you again… I didn't have to wait very long.

Even in a drunken state you still managed to scale my drain pipe and crawl through my window that night. Your drunken words spoke truthful thoughts. You said what I was too scared to say, even though I knew inside that they were true...

I love you.

In one gaze, one kiss, one day, one night - I was yours. No one else would ever compare to you. No one else would ever stand a chance. I had found my soul mate.

We stayed high school sweethearts for a couple years, but stresses of high school were getting to us both. I was being bullied and we were both struggling with depression. We had to break up because we needed to focus on ourselves. I switched schools... twice. You stayed there. We lost touch. I don't know what caused you to reach out to me my senior year, but you texted me, and from there on, we just fell right back into where we left off. But it was senior year, college was right around the corner and I had only applied to one place. In 6 months, I would be living in Florida. We made the most of the time we had together, deciding not to officially get back together because it wouldn't matter in 6 months anyway.

After a month of living in Florida you knew you couldn't live without me. We started long-distance dating again. Another 3 months later you came to visit me for Thanksgiving. By the end of that trip you had made up your mind, you were going to move cross-country for me.

Those 2 years in Florida together were filled with lots of love, but a lot of struggles too. We were barely making it financially, living on our own and me in school full time. You missed home and your family and friends. I could see how much of a toll it was taking on you emotionally, but I wasn't done with my degree yet. I couldn't go back home with you yet.

We moved you home, while I stayed back in Florida with my family to finish my degree and lessen our bills. I thought we were done with long distance after those first 6 months, but here we were again, staring at another 8 months apart.

Not even 1,800 miles could keep us apart though. We are finally reunited in my home state once again. We finally have our own place - no roommates, no parents or siblings, just us. And we can proudly say that, together, we beat bullying, depression, familial disapproval, and the pain of long distance. Long distance is one of those pains in life that you can never truly understand until you’ve experienced it yourself. Every day that went by, I put myself on autopilot just to get through the day. The slightest thing would make me think of you and long for your touch again. Then I would break all over again, remembering I couldn’t have the one thing I needed most in this world.

It has been a long hard road for us. I only wish I had a Bond Touch bracelet through all those months we were apart, but even still - I've ordered us a pair as a surprise gift for our 8-year anniversary.

We may not be apart 1,800 miles apart anymore, but even a day apart from you feels like eternity to me. I wish I could spend every second of every day right next to you. It will feel so amazing to feel your touch while I'm at work and know that in that exact moment, you are thinking of me. A gift we never had before.

Looking back now, there's no day I look back at more fondly than the day I found you.


Always his Baby Girl,

Kiera Rusk