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#Bondstories: My Love Is Going To The Army

#Bondstories: My Love Is Going To The Army

I met Jenna in my junior year of high school, when she had moved from Philadelphia to South Jersey. I didn’t talk to her until my senior year, but the very second I did I knew that we had a connection. At the time, she was my friend Bryan’s potential girlfriend and I got to know her a little better. She was going into the army, which I thought was an awesome thing to do! I grew jealous the more we talked, and the more Bryan talked about her, but I pushed those feelings aside. I never felt something as strong as that for a girl.

When Jenna put two and two together and realized something was going on, she came to me and told me she felt the same way. She had always been gay and never felt any way like that towards Bryan, so I was so happy. We took it slow at first and spent a month or two just adjusting, but she waited until New Year's day to ask me to officially be her girlfriend so we had a good anniversary date!

The past eight months with her have been incredible. I couldn’t imagine not being able to spend every day doing something new with her, like working hard with her for the army, graduating high school together, etc. She has gotten me through days of depression and sadness and she is my inspiration for every day.

She is soon leaving for the army to Missouri, and it will be a long while before I see her again while I’m here in New Jersey for college. She’s terrified to go and I’m terrified to not be there for her but I know we are going to make it. Our story is true love at first sight and I think this will make our entire future so worth it.

We are purchasing Bond bracelets soon while she’s gone, because I know nothing can replace her touch but it will make it so much better knowing she knows I’m thinking of her. I love her with all my heart and I know she is my future, because I can’t imagine a single moment without her smile and laugh.

Caleigh Pirnik