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#Bondstories: Meeting for the first time.

#Bondstories: Meeting for the first time.

Matthew and I have been together for over a year now, he is in New Zealand and I am here in America. It has been so hard being in a long distance relationship.

After being in an abusive relationship for over 7 years I finally had the courage to walk away, and when I met Matt online he was like a breath of fresh air. We started talking more and more and eventually fell in love…

Our first time meeting will be in April of 2017 and I couldn’t be more excited to show the love of my life just how much he means to me. Even being so far away, he has done so much for me. We have overcome a lot of negativity about long distance relationships.

Some people like to tell you “find someone here” or “don’t get too attached”. But how do you not become attached to a being so perfect for you in every way? I had done some research on ways that I could be closer to him, and I found Bond.

Having him know that at random times of the day, that I’m thinking of him, and he feels a small vibration to know its me is the reassurance I need him to know. Its such an amazing idea to feel something even from so far away.

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