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#Bondstories: London Love

#Bondstories: London Love
We met in person at a bar/bowling alley in London in September 26th, 2015. I live here for University and she was here on a four month exchange trip where she studied theatre. A Los Angeles native, her ravishing good looks, her charm, her wit and her intelligence set me off in all the right ways. We talked, we laughed , we danced. We, and a bunch of other friends, went back to their shared flat where we stayed up all night talking as a group. It was nice, but all I could think is that I wish I could see more of her, only her.

The day before she flew home she invited me to go out with her class to a nightclub. Our mutual attraction spilled over, and when we awoke the next morning neither of us regretted our kisses but we knew it couldn’t work - 5000 miles is a long way. She had a boyfriend to go home to, while I had nobody. She’d given me a glimpse at what life could be like when someone wanted you.

We started talking a few months later, before our finals. All throughout the summer we talked, graduating from text to voice calls, then to Skype. We Skyped all summer long. Her relationship ended, and we kept talking until we realised that we wanted to try this out for real. On December 29th, 2016, over a year since we’d last met, she paid me a visit. Those were the most magical 11 days of my life and I relive them every day. Never did I think it was possible to feel so loved.

I’m flying to LA to stay with her for three months on June 9th. While Skype keeps us going, nothing ever compares to that feeling of us being close, of waking up with her, of hearing her move around in the next room, of seeing the way that she looks at me when I smile. I love her to pieces, and not being able to touch her is killing me. Until the day comes when we’re together forever, I’ll always ache for her touch.

Dan Tobin