#Bondstories: Life Long Love

#Bondstories: Life Long Love

My grandparents live in Argentina and have been married for more than 70 years (he is 96 and she is 92).

They look after and love each other, they celebrate their anniversary every year and my grandpa wakes my grandma up with ‘mate’ (Argentine tea) and a flower every morning.

Recently they started having trouble communicating. He can’t hear well, she can’t speak very loud and she needs help to stand up and move around. This is very frustrating for them in day to day conversations, but they also struggle to call one another while in different rooms around their house.

Once I gave my grandma a bell she could use to call him, but my grandpa couldn’t hear it so she would still have to shout which would hurt her throat.

I think Bond will be an amazing solution for them, a way they can communicate everyday around the house, but also to express their love and keep in touch when they are apart.

I guess after sharing almost all your life with another person, to be able to keep in touch is a very important and needed thing.