#Bondstories: Life Line

#Bondstories: Life Line

We met a year ago, via Facebook, cliché I know. That has been the only cliché thing about us. We started talking in June and we met in July while he was home on leave.

I remember telling my family that this was the start of a great friendship. And it was, he left on July 6th of last year to be stationed in Alaska. I quickly realized that he would be my undoing.

We started dating in September and although our relationship has been short, this man has been through more with me than some people go through in a lifetime. Alex has been with me through my seizures and hospital stays. He tried to get leave and come home when I attempted to end my life.

Alex is my hero, he makes me proud every single day, and although I haven't seen him in a year, technology like this allows people in long distance relationships to feel closer to our loved ones.

Karington, Bond Community