#Bondstories: I love you from Australia to the US, and back

#Bondstories: I love you from Australia to the US, and back

As Bond Touch completes the pre-sale and moves into normal sales we want to thank you all and celebrate by sharing inspiring stories from our community! We are launching the series of stories from #bondcommunity with an incredible love story that lives on 2 continents - North America and Australia.

‘Three years ago I went to Sri Lanka to visit some friends, and that is where I met him, a few years older than myself, a refugee from Iran. From our first conversation we just clicked, and spent the whole week together talking, laughing and flirting. For me it was love at first sight. When I returned to Australia I couldn't get him out of my head, so when I had an opportunity to go back after six months I took it.

Iran and Australia couple

It was later that year, when he had the all clear to move to America, that we became official. I visited him in Chicago last year and I felt so lucky to be able to have him by my side, even though it was only for two weeks. Even when I got used to the distance I still missed the physical touch of someone I love so much. I could hear him and see him but touch is what really connects two people.

Because he's a refugee from Iran, it will be another two or three years before his visa can be processed. Even the opportunity for him to travel and see me is hanging by a thread. The distance and uncertainty of it - all can be difficult to handle when we're apart, and feeling his touch can make such a big difference. Technologies like this make it so much easier to still feel connected’ - Laura, Bond Touch Community.


We are very grateful to you for sharing your stories with us. They inspire and encourage us to move forward, even in the most challenging times. If you have an inspiring story to share about how Bond Touch will affect you please send it (with a photo if possible) to info@bond-touch.com. The stories will be published on our blog and shared on our Facebook page. We will be giving away one set of Bond Touch bracelets to the winner story every month - the one that gets the biggest number of shares on Facebook will be the winner! Don't lose your chance ;)