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#Bondstories: Hard Times, True Feelings

#Bondstories: Hard Times, True Feelings

I have this friend that I met over Facebook in 2012, Michael. Ever since I saw him I knew I would probably start getting close to him. So we started talking more and more, and became best friends. We always wanted to plan to try to see each other but due to lots of complications we have never gotten a chance to meet. Also due to our distance we have not been able to step further into our much wanted relationship.

Until 2015 I had a very complicated accident and was put in the hospital for a few weeks until surgery, which Michael knew about. I went into surgery and before they started, they told me I had a visitor and they let him in... Michael had saved all the money he could and finally came to visit me in my worst of times and stayed even during the surgery and while i recovered.

Sadly though, he had to leave before I was checked out of the hospital and now being 2017 i have yet to be able to see him again since... Though we both still love each other deeply in our hearts, our distance still holds a major barrier in between us deeply. I have now saved enough money to visit him for a few days in June and having a gift like Bond Touch to give him before I return home would be an amazing way to close the gap we have between us.

Kaia Tate Jefferson