#Bondstories: Grand Theft Of The Heart

#Bondstories: Grand Theft Of The Heart

Three years ago I found myself in an American Grand Theft Auto 5 lobby. 

I was listening to a few people talking and focused in on one of the guys in the chat. He was funny, cheeky and full of energy. I started hanging around him and we began messaging after I returned to Australia.

We became close friends, confiding in each other. I remember our first Skype call. I was so nervous! It was the first time I was going to see him since we met nearly a year before. 

About 6 months from our first Skype call I had bought a ticket to America, Virginia. It was actually to see my then boyfriend who he also knew. Whilst I was there, I got to hang out with him. I didn't make a move until I was back in Australia, not wanting to cause friction between my then boyfriend and the guy I was secretly in love with.

About a month after I returned to Australia I confessed my feelings to him and he told me just how long he had been in love with me, not wanting to mention it earlier because he thought I wasn't interested. He has been my most stable and perfect relationship since.

From acquaintance to friend to best friend to boyfriend he has been in my life for 3 years. We have not been able to physically be together since my trip when we were just friends, but we manage to work through the distance and with technology like this it makes the relationship not only stronger but builds on our love. 

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