#Bondstories: Engaged And Apart

#Bondstories: Engaged And Apart

It was July 2014 when Prabhdeep (Deep) and I first met in a nightclub in Canberra, Australia. Deep was in Australia working as a Chef.

Since then we saw each other on an off until we made it official in November 2014. Everything was going beautifully. He had met all my family, and when circumstances were not great he gave much love and support when my grandpa had died.

In September 2015, Deep proposed to me. He followed all of the western customs, asked permission of my parents and got down on one knee! It was a magical night to say the least. Although, a week later we got news that he had to leave Australia and return to India as his visa had expired.

It was very hard adjusting to life not having him in the same country. There is a 5.5 hr time difference that we had to adjust to. When my day was coming to an end his was just beginning. Sometimes you just need to be held by your husband to be.

In March 2016, we planned a family trip to India to see Deep and meet his family. It was the best week of my life. Crazy and hectic but amazing. That week went by too quickly, and since then, I have not been able to see him face to face or touch him, because we are still having issues trying to get him into Australia.

I need to be able to feel his touch more than just once a year. He is my soulmate. I love him.


Jessica, Bond Touch Community