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#Bondstories: A Sophomore and a Graduate

#Bondstories: A Sophomore and a Graduate

This might not be like most Bond Stories but even at a young age you can experience a "Bond Story". This story is about myself and my boyfriend Justin.

I was a sophomore in high school and he was a senior about to leave for college. With the entire world telling me that it was just puppy love I was petrified that all the love we had built up over our first year together was going to disappear as he went on to a bigger future. The day he left for college was so emotional but also opened our eyes.

We loved each other so much and we would never have anything to worry about because distance doesn't separate love. I think that is the main idea of the Bond Touch bracelets in general. It shows that no matter how far you are you still think of the ones you love. The touch of the one you love is immensely special, and when my boyfriend left for college we relied on just the thought of each other. Being able to feel each other's touch would have been amazing.

Although it was a challenge we made it through the distance and we have been together for almost 3 years now. I am now moving onto college and would like to purchase these before my move in date just as a reminder and a celebration to us that distance does not separate love. Never let anyone tell you it's puppy love, or that you’re too young. Love does not account for age or distance. Love conquers all.


Sabrina Torres