#Bondstories: 3am Facebook Scrolling

#Bondstories: 3am Facebook Scrolling

I was laying in bed on my phone scrolling through my news feed at around 3am. A post caught my eye, it read "comment your name, message whoever likes it” so I placed my name in the comments, and continued scrolling.

Thirty minutes later I was about to head off to bed when my phone buzzed and her name popped up at the top of my phone. I sat back up instantly and texted her. From what started out as a goof post turned into the greatest thing that's ever happened to me.

She lives in British Columbia, Canada, over 2,600 miles away from me here in Tennessee, USA. Despite the distance, we have grown for the better over the last eight months. I'm gonna get to see her in a few months but I'd love to feel her touch sooner than that, and thanks to the guys at Bond Touch they are giving me and her a way to finally feel each other.

I know it's not her hand on my arm but, their technology will definitely make the distance so so much easier to cope with.

Bradley, Bond Touch Community.