Bond Touch: Where We Stand

Bond Touch: Where We Stand

In this post we will share the story about what has been happening with BOND Touch up till now.

So, we started the BOND Touch project in 2013 in hope to create this little bracelet that closes big distances and brings people together with a help of touch. We brought together a team of the best designers, developers and engineers, and started working on the project. We came up with this sophisticated modular design, a fancy app and luxurious look. We built an app, and spent months prototyping and testing the modules.

Our resources were draining at the speed of light, and there was still a lot of work to do. We decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for further prototyping and building the bracelet itself. Press and public seemed to be excited by the idea, so we thought we wouldn’t have any problem getting people involved.


But as the days of the crowdfunding campaign were passing by, we realised that we wouldn’t make it till the goal. And that’s what happened: when the deadline arrived, we saw that the funds we managed to raise were not enough to keep BOND Touch going. We returned everyone’s contributions back and had to put the project on hold.

We were doing other things, remembering about BOND on rare occasions. From time to time we would receive a letter on our email from someone who saw the video of BOND Touch on the Internet or read an article about it, but there was not much we could reply. And then, in the beginning of September 2015, one of our colleagues wrote to a common chat: “Hey peeps, BOND Touch is on 9GAG’s main page!”.

And there it went. Hundreds of people started reaching out to us, asking where they could get BOND Touch. We thought that the hype would drop down in a couple of days. But even several months after the viral splash people were as interested as before. We decided to act.

We read all your letters (and really sorry we couldn’t respond to everyone) and were surprised to realize how many people needed it – to connect with those they loved. After some internal company politics that didn’t allow us to launch presales in 2016, here we go again, making it happen in 2017.

Now we are launching new BOND Touch. It’s a simpler concept than the original one  – a minimalistic bracelet with a touch module and a smartphone app. We decided to play with the idea of “touch” and added a “personal touch” to the bracelets: you can take the wristband off and replace it with whatever you want  – silk strings, paracord, friendship bracelet – you name it. If you know which style your beloved one prefers – go ahead and change it. The module always stays the same. The best gift one can ever get.

We are launching presales of a limited edition of 1000 pairs of BOND Touch. As soon as we reach 1000 orders, we will have sufficient resources to get into production and ship it in summer 2017. We believe that with all your support we will make it happen this time. However, if something happens and we can’t reach 1000 preorders, we will return your money back. Just so that you know – we are really relying on your help here.

Thank you for all the support along the way!