Add Your Personal Touch

Add Your Personal Touch

The power of a simple touch is mesmerizing. Just think of it – how often do we hear questions “What color is it?”, “How does it smell?”, but the question about “How is it by touch?” is rarer. Touch is a pristine territory. We decided to transcend physical touch and explore the concept deeper.

“She was touched by her friend’s loyalty”. “Warm buns with a touch of cinnamon”. “There were flowers in a vase on a table – a nice touch”. Touch has so many angles, contexts, definitions. And then, “a personal touch”. We started thinking – those who want a pair of BOND Touch plan to use it with someone else, someone dear to them. How could we let you add your personal touch…to BOND Touch?

And here it was – we decided to make all the parts of BOND Touch (except for the module, of course), replaceable.

So, you order BOND Touch and receive a box with 2 bracelets on your home address. The box will contain 2 bracelets with black leather bands and some tools that will allow you to adjust the length of the band to your wrist. However, you can replace the black leather band with anything else you want – a silk string, suede band or a friendship bracelet that you can braid yourself. Make your own band and add it to the box before giving it to the loved one. You know more about them than anyone else – their favourite colour, material and style. We decided to let you express this care and attention in the most touching (yes we did it again)


All it takes is to go to the nearest Arts and Crafts store, buy ribbons, strings, beads and start creating! We went with the black leather band as a default option, because it’s the most neutral colour and style, and also because most of you voted for this style in the recent survey we sent out. But when you receive the bracelet, you can play around with the style both for yourself and for another person.

The heart of the bracelet – the module – has minimalist and neutral design, thus can fit any band style you want. You can keep the default black leather band for every day and create styles for many occasions – party, official ceremony or as a part of a special outfit.


We’re already putting together a knowledge base of tutorials for your inspiration: 

How to make a friendship bracelet – tutorial with pictures

3-in-1 bow bracelet – tutorial with pictures

Adjustable knot leather bracelet – tutorial with pictures

How to make leather wrap bracelets – video tutorial  


As we make our own variations of BOND Touch, we will be sharing our designs with you. And hey, we expect your designs too – great ideas should be shared.